Rom Cook Shv Es L K Up Rom Cm Cua N

Mình muốn chia sẽ cho các bạn đang dùng Samsung Galaxy Note 2 của hàn SHV-E250 (S/L/K). Sau... ... ROM Cook SHV-E250S/L/K Up ROM CM12.1 Lolipop 5.1.1 của N7105. 21/8/15 33,368 View .... Hệ máy: samsung galaxy note 2. mình xin file updater-script đc k bạn, mình sữa nhưng nó báo lỗi, máy tình E250L.

Android Lollipop Rom For Galaxy Note Cm

hello i have note 2 SHV-E250L how can i install lollipop on my device. Nevo 2 года назад. it works if your model matches the model from the download and phone must be rooted. iF4k3rPlays 2 года назад. WTF YOU BROKE MY PHONE. Vlad 2 года назад. you broke your phone yourself because you don't have brain to ...